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Kathleen De Vere
Kathleen De Vere
Kathleen's About Page Picture
Pronouns: She / Her
Date of Birth: September 5
Family: Graham Stark (husband), Penelope Stark (daughter), One younger sister
Duties: Writer, Editor, Actor, Media Relations
First Appearance: The Mystery Can (23 July 2004)
Last Appearance: AskLRR July 2020 - Fuzzy Foot Prisons (31 July 2020)
Recurring Characters: Kane, Karen Walnut, Edith Slump
Desert Bus
First Appearance: Desert Bus for Hope 2 (28 November 2008)
Last Appearance: Desert Bus for Hope 2019 (8 November 2019)
Website: Things My Cat Hates
Twitter: @Kathleen_LRR
Mastodon: @Kathleen_LRR@mastodon.social
Twitch: kathleen_LRR
The poop train stops for no-one! Poop! Poop poop!
- Kathleen De Vere - Maximum Macca

Born in New Zealand, she became associated with LoadingReadyRun through chance encounter with Graham Stark at a student newspaper conference in Edmonton, Alberta. At the time she lived in Prince George, British Columbia and worked for the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) newspaper Over the Edge.

She also has two cats, Khaavren and Baxter, who, along with the now-deceased Annika, have appeared in various videos. Khaavren is known for being exceptionally long, stretching most of the distance of Kathleen's own torso, Baxter for his incredible size, and Annika for being very, very fluffy. During Desert Bus for Hope 7, Kathleen revealed that she has never named any of her cats herself, a fact that she continues to perpetuate as a joke.

Kathleen has written several comic strips in the past, including "Fun with Kathleen" for Over the Edge, Korea for LoadingReadyRun, and the Tumblr "Things My Cat Hates", starring Annika.

Kathleen used to write about the mobile gaming industry for Inside Mobile Apps.

Kathleen got engaged to Graham sometime before Desert Bus for Hope 6, but it was not announced until afterward. They were married on July 5th, 2014.

Kathleen is known for frequently changing her hairstyle; in her early appearances, she had shoulder-length hair, but later cut it short and began experimenting with dyes, including several varieties of vivid highlights and bleaching her hair blonde. She returned it to its natural dark brown in 2013, and late that year began growing farther out again, though not to its former length.

Kathleen is one of the more "Spiky" Magic players on the crew and favors blue-black mill decks, plus any card with a cat on it.

Along with Graham, Paul Saunders, and James Turner, Kathleen is currently one of the "core group" of LoadingReadyRun members who receive salaries and treat it as their full-time job.

Annika (black) and Khaavren (tabby)


  • Kathleen's first writing effort was Door to Door.
  • Until Alex Steacy became a crew member, Kathleen was the eldest crew member.
  • She has a perfectly reasonable fear of bears.

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