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JRPGs can be awful. Sometimes they are… less bad? Once in a while however, there is one that is excellent. But wherever a JRPG falls on Kathleen’s subjective quality scale, she loves these turn-based delights with a fervor that verges on addiction.

Join her (and co-host Heather) as she plays and discusses JRPGs new and old, everything from Shin Megami Tensei to Final Fantasy.

On hiatus since Desert Bus 9.

List Of Episodes


Date Title Link
2016-05-12 Radiant Historia Link


Date Title Link
2015-11-04 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Game / Etc… Link
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Game / 9:05 / Don't Shit Your Pants / Room of 1000 Snakes / Space Quest 1 / The Writer Will Do Something
2015-10-25 Devil Survivor 2 Ep19 Link

2015-10-21 Devil Survivor 2 Ep18 Link

2015-10-14 Devil Survivor 2 Ep17 Link

2015-10-07 Devil Survivor 2 Ep16 Link

2015-10-14 Devil Survivor 2 Glitch Link

2015-09-30 Devil Survivor 2 Ep15 Link

2015-09-23 Devil Survivor 2 Ep14 Link

2015-09-09 Devil Survivor 2 Ep13 Link
Mislabeled on Youtube as Ep12
2015-09-02 Devil Survivor 2 Ep12 Link

2015-08-26 Devil Survivor 2 Ep11 Link

2015-08-19 Devil Survivor 2 Ep10 Link

2015-08-05 Devil Survivor 2 Ep9 Link

2015-07-29 Devil Survivor 2 Ep8 Link

2015-07-22 Devil Survivor 2 Ep7 Link

2015-07-15 Devil Survivor 2 Ep6 Link

2015-06-24 Devil Survivor 2 Ep5 Link

2015-06-15 Devil Survivor 2 Ep4 Link

2015-06-10 Devil Survivor 2 Ep3 Link

2015-06-03 Devil Survivor 2 Ep2 Link

2015-05-20 Devil Survivor 2 Ep1 Link

2015-05-13 Cities Skylines Ep6 Link

2015-04-29 Cities Skylines Ep5 Link

2015-04-22 Cities Skylines Ep4 Link

2015-04-15 Cities Skylines Ep3 Link

2015-04-08 Cities Skylines Ep2 Link

2015-03-25 Cities Skylines Ep1 Link

2015-03-18 Child of Light Ep6 Link

2015-03-04 Child of Light Ep4 Link

2015-02-18 Bravely Default Ep8 Link

2015-02-11 Bravely Default Ep7 Link

2015-02-04 Bravely Default Ep6 Link

2015-01-28 Bravely Default Ep5 Link

2015-01-21 Bravely Default Ep4 Link

2015-01-14 Bravely Default Ep3 Link

2015-01-07 Bravely Default Ep2 Link


Date Title Link
2014-12-31 Bravely Default Ep1 Link

2014-12-29 Spelunky Link

2014-12-17 Child of Light Ep3 Link

2014-12-10 Child of Light Ep2 Link

2014-11-26 Child of Light Ep1 Link

2014-11-24 Road not Taken Link

2014-11-05 Sim City Link

2014-10-29 Devil Survivor Overclocked Ep14 Link

2014-10-22 Devil Survivor Overclocked Ep13 Link

2014-10-15 Devil Survivor Overclocked Ep12 Link

2014-10-08 Devil Survivor Overclocked PT11 Link

2014-10-01 Devil Survivor Overlocked PT10 Link

2014-09-24 Devil Survivor Overlocked PT9 Link

2014-09-17 Devil Survivor Overclocked PT8 Link

2014-09-11 Final Fantasy X2 HD -- EFF EFF ECKS Link
Kathleen made an idle joke on Twitter, and suddenly she has a new coat and she's streaming FFX2.
2014-09-10 Devil Survivor Overclocked PT7 Link

2014-09-03 Devil Survivor Overclocked PT6 Link

2014-08-27 Road Not Taken Link
Kathleen tries the new Spry Fox game, Road Not Taken. It's really hard!
2014-07-25 Devil Survivor Overclocked PT5 Link

2014-07-23 Devil Survivor Overclocked PT4 Link

2014-07-16 Devil Survivor Overclocked PT3 -- Real Decisions Link
Kathleen listens to the chat, and the savening continues.
2014-06-25 Devil Survivor Overclocked PT2 -- This Game is Hard Link
Kathleen's quest through soon-to-be-ruined-Tokyo continues!
2014-06-18 Devil Survivor Overclocked PT1 -- The Power of the Internet Link
Kathleen jacks in to one of her favourite series, this time the 3DS remake!
2014-06-11 FFXHD PT18/18 -- Blitz No More Link
Kathleen goes back to Zanarkand!
2014-05-21 FFXHD PT15 -- Throwing a Blitz Link
Kathleen EFFs around some more before confronting Sin.
2014-05-14 FFXHD PT14 -- Blitz of Rage Link
Further exploration required in this episode.
2014-05-07 FFXHD PT13 -- Blitz of the North Star Link
Kathleen is not so calm, in the Calm Lands.
2014-05-04 FFXHD PT12 -- Blitzkrieg Link
We're gonna airship all over this piece.
2014-04-30 FFXHD PT11 -- Puttin' on the Blitz Link
Kathleen gets all up in Zanarkand.
2014-04-13 FFXHD PT8 -- Blitz of the 80s Link
Kathleen gets a little tilted in Bevelle Temple, but then who doesn't?
2014-04-10 FFXHD PT7 -- Blitz & Sass Link
Kathleen visits Macalania Temple, recruits Blitz players.
2014-04-04 FFXHD PT6 -- It's Blitz! Link

2014-04-02 FFXHD PT5 -- Down in the Blitz Link
Kathleen's quest to save Spira continues.
2014-03-28 FFXHD PT4 -- Ballroom Blitz Link
Kathleen's quest to save Spira continues.
2014-03-26 FFXHD PT3 -- Blitz? Blitz!? Link
Come on Tidus, figure it out.
2014-03-21 FFXHD PT2 -- Blitz and Glamour Link

2014-03-18 FFXHD PT1 -- Let's Save Spira Link
Kathleen goes back to one of her favourite games, now in HD!
2014-03-16 Stick of Truth PT5 -- Oh Canada! Link
Kathleen completes the Stick of Truth!
2014-03-12 Stick of Truth PT4 -- Nazi Zombies Link
OF COURSE it's Nazi Zombies.
2014-03-07 Stick of Truth PT3 -- Probing Link
"What can be learned from a butthole!?"
2014-03-06 Stick of Truth PT2 Link

2014-03-05 Stick of Truth PT1 Link
Kathleen starts in on some Stick of Truth, just the filthiest RPG.
2014-02-26 SMT: Nocturne PT13 Link
The quest to "save" the world continues.
2014-02-19 SMT: Nocturne PT12 Link
Kathleen gets back to SMT after her brief foray into FFXIII-3.
2014-02-11 Lightning Returns: FFXIII Link
Kathleen awakes from her centuries-long slumber to bring you a launch day stream of FFXIII-3, or whatever it's called.
2014-02-05 SMT: Nocturne PT11 Link
Save the world, remake it as you will.
2014-01-31 SMT: Nocturne PT10 Link
Recruitin' and bribin' and fusin' demons all day.
2014-01-28 SMT: Nocturne PT9 Link
Saving the world is more of a slog that it first appeared.
2014-01-23 SMT: Nocturne PT8 Link
Things go better today, to an extent.
2014-01-22 SMT: Nocturne PT7 Link
2014-01-15 SMT: Nocturne PT6 Link
Fusions and bribery and sukunda, oh my!
2014-01-12 SMT: Nocturne PT5 Link
Kathleen just can't stay away from the grind...
2014-01-10 SMT: Nocturne PT4 Link
Kathleen just can't stay away from dat SMT.
2014-01-08 SMT: Nocturne PT3 Link
Kathleen brings Cam in for some backup on the Nocturne grind... until Twitch died.
2014-01-08 SMT: Nocturne PT2 Link
Kathleen plays SMT: Nocturne with Alex
2014-01-08 SMT: Nocturne PT1 Link
Kathleen plays SMT: Nocturne with Alex

Missing Episodes

The following are episodes of Kathleen Saves the World which have not been uploaded to the LoadingReadyLive Youtube account.

  • Final Fantasy X Eps. 9 and 10
  • Final Fantasy X Eps. 16 and 17
  • Child of Light Ep5
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