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Not to be confused with Johnny Lunchbox or Jonny.

Johnny Blakeborough
Johnny Blakeborough
Johnny Blakeborough
First Appearance: Rapidfire: Episode 1
Last Appearance: Desert Bus for Hope 10

Johnny Blakeborough is a filmmaker from Nanaimo BC and has appeared in several LRR videos, most frequently as part of the Explanations skits found in the Rapidfire series. Johnny met Graham and the rest of the LRR crew when they entered 3 of their videos into his Vancouver Island Short Film Festival 2006.

Johnny has appeared at every Desert Bus for Hope and has been the Tech Lead for since DB5.

Johnny currently has a podcast called TopTech with two other friends of LoadingReadyRun Ian Horner and Beej.


  • Earned the name "Johnny Brickfeet" during Desert Bus 7
  • Johnny's shift is about to start.
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