January 24 2007 AskLRR

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The following is the AskLRR portion of the Toilet Hyperchondriac LRRcast.

AskLRR Answers

Little_F asks:

  • Do you keep the awards you have won anywhere special like the "Vancouver Island Short Film Festival" trophies?
The only physical trophies they have are from the Vancouver Island Short Film Festival, and
last year they got three. They gave Andy his for Best Performance, Graham has the one for
People's Choice, and Paul has the one for writing. This year (2007), they won the award for
Best Writing again for How to Talk like a Pirate, which is on their mantelpiece.

AmazingPjotrMan asks:

  • Given the chance, what country would you travel to?
Graham: England (again), Australia, New Zealand, most of the Commonwealth
Bill: the United States, specifically California, at the end of April, because "Rage Against
the Machine is back together for one concert! I HAVE to go, I have to!"
Morgan: Eastern Europe (i.e. Romania, Croatia)
Jer: Korea (he has friends there)
Paul: places in the Commonwealth, England, Switzerland, Germany
James: Germany
everyone: Japan, tropical places

colemanerik asks:

  • Which do you like more: A-Team, Knight Rider, or Air Wolf?
everyone: A-Team.
Matt: Knight Rider. Wait, TEAM Knight Rider, from the horrible '90s spinoff series.
Bill: Rage Against the Machine in California!

The_Watchman asks:

  • How many roads must a man walk down, before you can call him a man?
Evidently none, because you just called him a man. The answer, my friend, is blowing in the
Bill: I hear Rage Against the Machine does a cover of that song at the concert in California
at the end of April! (Everyone agrees that would be an awesome cover.)

Melendwyr asks:

  • Will we hear more Commodore 64 music in future videos?
Uh, yes. Bill says,"We'll try to get Rage Against the Machine to do some Commodore 64
music." Jer says there might be some covers of them in their Commodore 64 library.
  • Are there any plans to have professional-quality music in future videos, like How to Talk Like a Pirate?
Sure, if we can and it warrants it, yeah.

Number09 asks:

  • Will Andy ever be in the LRRcast?
Evidently not... It's entirely possible, but not in this one. Hopefully someday.
  • Which WoW server do you guys play on?
Zuluhed. Bill: "No, I play on Rage Against the Machine now."
  • Horde or Alliance?
They're all Horde. Matt says if you play for Alliance you're playing it wrong, and Morgan
adds if you play for Alliance you play for Hitler.

Dr Frankenjam asks:

  • Where are my car keys?
Where you left them? They're going to be in the last place you look. Tom Morello may have
them. They could be in California at the end of April underneath the stage where Rage
Against the Machine are going to be playing. If you check the archives, they have a lesser
god you can pray to (in reference to the [[Guide to Lesser Gods of Innocous Household
Things]] video). Try the door of the car.

Melendwyr asks:

  • What was it like doing the interview with GEE?
GEE Magazine is the Games, Entertainment, and Education Magazine, which is a German video
game magazine. Jer wants to clarify that they were not speaking German during the interview.
They did an interview with 64K when the 1337 video became popular online. Doing the
interview was a lot like reading text in an email and then writing down text in a return
email and then seeing the interview in the magazine translated into German, which was pretty
funny. A lot of their answers were not actually printed due to space concerns. Morgan had
said that he really liked DotA, and they turned that into Warcraft 3.

Tanais asks:

  • Dear Graham, did you buy Gibb or was he a gift? Also, how long have you had him? Sincerely, Tanais.
Graham actually bought him at a toy shop downtown. He looked at him from the window and
Graham thought,"Wow, that guy looks pretty funny" and bought him. He has had him for a
couple of years, almost since the site started. He figured that they needed a puppet.

DontPanic asks:

  • On the Itchy and Scratchy CD-ROM is there any way to get out of the dungeon without using the wizard's key?
Check GameFAQs?

Lavos asks:

  • Did you guys catch Rocky Balboa?
No, but we've been meaning to.

Number09 asks:

  • How much money do you guys usually spend on a video (if any)? Which one was your most "expensive"?
If we were to take the most frequent amount of money spent on any video, the number that
pops up the most is zero. Well, no, a tape costs between $5 and $10, depending on what type
of deal you get. Most expensive is probably Pimp My Chair. The LoadingReadyRumble is
complex, but we had most of that stuff lying around from
LoadingReadyLive. Live was the most expensive thing we've done, but in
terms of video the most expensive is probably Pimp My Chair (Morgan spent about $130 in
total on the chair). Also we had to pay for those Northwest Customs T-shirts.
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