Ian Dixon

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Ian Dixon
Ian Dixon
Twitch Chat idiots fear this man
Date of Birth: April 25
Family: Lindsay "The Ocean Who Subbed" (wife)
Duties: Moderator, Desert Bus Volunteer
First Appearance: Day in the Liff (3 May 2007)
Last Appearance: Desert Bus for Hope 10 (12 November 2016)
Twitter: @dixonij
Twitch: Dix

Ian "Dix" Dixon is one of the mighty Desert Bus moderators (a DB chat original); he also streams Magic Online as part of the Runner's fan streams. He has also appeared in a handful of LRR videos over the years.


  • Ian owes his nickname 'Dix' to Kroze shortening his usual online handle of dixonij.
  • Ian was one of the original Desert Bus chat moderators along with Kroze during the first Desert Bus for Hope
  • Ian is a military man
  • Ian is a fan of Philadelphia sports, particularly the Philadelphia Flyers as seen during DB7


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