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Ian Horner
Ian Horner
Ian in More Palatable
First Appearance: Desert Bus Trailers (22 November 2010)
Last Appearance: Dice Friends - Best of Intentions: Episode 7 (30 September 2020)
Recurring Characters: Richter Hammockslam
Desert Bus
First Appearance: Desert Bus for Hope 4 (19 November 2010)
Last Appearance: Desert Bus for Hope 2019 (8 November 2019)
Twitter: @iHorner
Mastodon: @ihorner@mastodon.social
Twitch: tiltyhouse occasionally

Ian Horner is a friend of LoadingReadyRun from Edmonton. His voice can be heard in The Very Best of Room Tone and he was prominently featured in the post-Desert Bus videos The Tale of Matt Wiggins and Desert Power. He drove a twelve hour shift during Desert Bus for Hope 5 and was the first driver to crash the bus that year. Ian and his girlfriend Coriander Dickinson have moved to Victoria at the end of 2014.

Ian currently has a podcast called TopTech with Johnny Blakeborough and Beej.

Ian after growing out his facial hair
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