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This Feed Dump is all about crime. Crime and punishment, crime and crocodiles, cheese crimes, fashion crimes, and avoiding crime by eating surprising things.

Vital Statistics

Or would he get twice as fat?

Date: March 4, 2016

Category: Feed Dump

Host: Graham Stark

Cohosts: Brendan "Beej" Dery, Cameron Lauder

Editing: Ian Horner


  • Updating an earlier story, a man in Canada who was caught smuggling turtles in his pants was sentenced to probation, community service and to write a letter about his experiences.
  • A gang of drug dealers in Amsterdam suffered eleven arrests and the seizure of 300,000 Euros that they had left in a cage being guarded by a pair of crocodiles.
  • Following judicial approval of a class-action lawsuit, Subway will have to ensure their "foot-long" sandwich bread is EXACTLY twelve inches long.
  • A woman was stopped by the TSA at Baltimore-Washington International Airport because she was wearing a pair of stiletto heels that were shaped like guns.
  • FLORIDA STORY (sorta): At a routine traffic stop in Ohio, a fugitive from Tampa, Florida didn't want to be identified so he made the call to chew off his fingertips.


  • The day "Thursday" actually came from it originally being called "Thor's Day"
  • Beppo is Superman's pet monkey, much like Krypto the super-dog.
  • "Trudeau" refers to Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada at the time of this report.
  • MDMA is also known as "ecstasy".

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