Gotta Get Deals on Friday!

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Prepare for a bigger, blacker Friday.

Vital Statistics

Gotta Get Deals on Friday!

Date: November 21, 2011

Written and Performed by: Graham Stark, Kathleen De Vere, Paul Saunders

Guest Appearing: Russ Pitts (uncredited)

Story Graphics: Paul Saunders

CheckPoint Graphics: Graham Stark

Boom: Kate Stark

Music: Bradley Rains

Thanks To: Russ Pitts, Alexander Macris, Penny Arcade

Produced by: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders (uncredited)


Black Friday is this week; get ready to punch somebody. Find out more on today's CheckPoint.


  • Modern Warfare 3 becomes the largest grossing entertainment product in history.
  • Minecraft finally goes gold.
  • Tactical light glare in Battlefield 3 will be reduced.
  • PopCap: more people are playing social games. Coincidence?
  • Black Friday is almost here and Paul and Kathleen are here to give advice on how to survive the rush.

Coming Up

Call of Duty Elite is now not guaranteed for the PC release.


  • The Produced By credit was cut off the credits slide such that only about the top half of the words "Produced By" were actually visible.
  • The Guest Appearance credit was also left off.
  • This episode begins a period where the Editor is no longer credited.
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