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Gibb is LoadingReadyRun's mascot and puppet. Gibb is believed to be some kind of yeti. Tragically, Gibb spends most of his time confined to a closet, and is only let out on rare occasions. For some reason, some members of Homo sapiens find him irresistible. Gibb's birthday is November 28th.

He made his first appearance in the 2003 Holiday Special sleeping on a bed behind Morgan. After the unaired Gibb's Funtime Spectacular of Christmas Gibb is not allowed out on his own.

In Deathly Hallows Launch Night, Gibb became a death eater.

Gibb did not appear at Keikon 2008 because he was lost. He has since been found.

Despite being at the moonbase for its entire duration, Gibb did not appear during Desert Bus for Hope 2 - Bus Harder.

Luckily Gibb was able to make an appearance in Desert Bus for Hope 4 to be in the week's video at the time thanks to overwhelming fan demand.

After a 10-year hiatus from reporting, Gibb returned to report on the Nintendo Switch Midnight Launch.

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