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Fugiman is a LoadingReadyRun fan and Desert Bus chat moderator from North Carolina. He created the real Clickquest game modeled after the Crapshot of the same name and hosted the old LRRCraft Minecraft Server. He sat between Ashton and Kroze during Desert Bus for Hope 5. He narrowly avoided being immortalized on the Desert Bus 5 poster wearing a dress after doing so for a donation by performing a fashion show with a variety of dresses. Fugiman returned as a volunteer for Desert Bus 6.

Recently, Fugiman has acted as a host for James' Minecraft server, and assisting in the LRRCon Scavenger Hunt by allowing participants to join the Desert Bus chat and repeatedly kick fellow moderators Kroze and Dix from the chat.


EpisodeRelease Date
Sentai Villain Panic22 July 2017
Desert Bus for Hope 914 November 2015
Desert Bus Opening Titles23 November 2014
Desert Bus for Hope 814 November 2014
Desert Bus for Hope 716 November 2013
Desert Power26 November 2012
Desert Bus for Hope 616 November 2012
The Tale of Matt Wiggins28 November 2011