February 27 2008 AskLRR

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The following is the AskLRR Q+A for the The Con LRRcast

AskLRR Answers

Oxford asks:

  • Any LRR Crew members Red vs Blue fans?
They understand that it is good, and have liked the episodes they did see, but nobody
has seen them all.
  • What were your pets growing up?
Graham's dad had a cat named George.
Matt had a golden retriever that ate socks.
Jer had a cat named Phoebe. His sister got a cat named Sasha.
James' parent's had a dog named Gypsy. Later, he had sibling black-lab/golden-retrievers.
James' sister had a rat named Whiskers.
Paul's family is allergic to fur, so he had fish, which are difficult to walk. He got a
succession of mice and hamsters, one of which was named Fuzzbutt. Fuzzbutt had offspring
named Tribble and Zot. Zot slept a lot.

DemonicDerek asks:

  • Why don't you guys trust Wireless networks yet?
Matt had previously stated that his computer was wired to a wireless router, but
that was because his laptop was really flaky and he couldn't guarantee that it
was going to consistently stay connected, but that was more because of the
laptop than the router itself (although he isn't convinced that their router is
the most trustworthy router on the planet). Graham says that after Bandwidth
Exceeded went up, a solid third of the people who commented on it in the forums
felt it necessary to mention how shitty their router is. Jer had an AirPort
Express router that flaked out constantly.

Cuttlefishman asks:

  • As an obvious follow up, which LRR member has the best chest hair?
Jer. Other possibilities include Gibb or Billy the Bear.

concupiscentcrustacean asks:

  • Which crew member is most cuddly?
  • Which crew member says the most shockingly mean things?
  • Which crew member says the most shockingly sexual things?
Don't know, they usually don't engage in pillow talk with one another.
  • Which crew member is most likely to wear obvious jewelry?
Jer. (Matt has a serious aversion to rings.)
  • Which crew member is the most likely to be a drama queen?
  • Which crew member is the most paranoid?
Jer again.

AlexanderDitto asks:

  • If you could rename one object, and everyone in the world would be forced to start using that name regardless of how silly it sounds, what would you rename?
Replace something common with something that is long and difficult to say. Or fundark.
Or rename the internet to "The Internets". 
  • What other sorts of wacky changes would you make to the world?
Switch the threading direction of screws, universally.

400vip asks:

  • Which was better: The Christmas pack or The Hanukkah pack?
The Hanukkah. The ham was offensive.

NachoManLance asks:

  • Which of (the steel drum, the accordion, the didgeridoo) would you want to learn the most if you so desired?
Those aren't really that obscure. Of those, the accordion. Better options include:
the theremin, a box organ, and a jug. Maybe they'll start a jug band.

empath asks:

  • What famous person/celebrity - living or dead - would you like to make a video with - either in a cameo or as an integral member of the cast?
Edward Jame Olmos. Also, Uwe Boll or Tina Fey.

Reversematt asks:

  • Jer, now that the ridiculousness of Spider-Man's deal with the devil is over, have you been reading the weekly Spidey book?
  • Are you enjoying it?
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