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The following is the AskLRR Q+A for the Ways to Keep Warm LRRcast

AskLRR Answers

johnnynojokes asks: Are any members of LoadingReadyRun masters of the mathematic arts?

No. In grade seven, Graham came fifth in the city (and third in the school)
in the Gauss competition. Jer has two Gauss medals. In grade eight he was first
in Oak Bay High. In addition, he did the Pascal, and was on the Oak Bay Math
Counts team (Graham was an alternate). In general, the algebra is liked, but they
never had a need for it beyond high school, so they never continued their
mathematics education.

If so, being a journalism major and having to take a math class, I was wondering if I could eat your brain and gain your AMAZING math powers?

They restate that they are all poor candidates for that, though James offers his
brain as a joke.

tak197 asks: How loud do you keep your iPods and mp3 players? Do you think that you may be playing it too loud? Do you think our generation plays their music too loud?

Loud, yes, and yes. They play their iPods loud enough to be able to hear it over
outside noise. It is generally agreed upon that if one's iPod that is too loud
can still hear other iPods, then those iPods are most certainly too loud.

Did Morgan ever do what he said he would in the one podcast with the chin-up bar?

No, because Ash moved in there, so he never managed to get her to hurt her head.

concupiscentcrustacean asks: When morgan changed rooms, what became of his chin-up bar?

It is no longer set up. (His old room is now Ash's room.)

In the Rebellin' podcast, Ben paints Morgan's toenails; where did he get the nail polish..and what colour was it?

It was black, it was on the coffee table, and it was Ash's.

King Kool asks: What's the WPM of the LRR crew? Who's the fastest typist?

They are relatively slow typists. Paul and Graham are slowly learning to
touch-type from muscle memory. When Paul is typing from his head, he can type
as fast as he can think. James types at 45-50 WPM, and Jer is disastrously slow.

What video turned out the most different from what you envisioned it to be?

High Noon, Ballad of the Fanboy, Moving Out, and Halo: The Future of Gaming.
The conception uses "tons and tons and tons of ideas" before they actually get
a script out of it. They usually don't mess around with the script too much
once it is written. Also, Paul and Graham both have a pretty good idea as to
what the final product can look like while they are shooting it.

Jermo asks: Is anyone looking forward to Crisis Core or Age of Conan?

Someone probably is. Actually, Crisis Core is probably something to be rabid
about, if they had a PSP. Age of Conan, not so much.

What is your most hated race/class in WoW? (edited from original post)

Gnomes and Paladins.

Iced Tea or Lemonade?

Iced Tea, Iced Tea, Lemonade, and Iced Tea. 

Most hated Char in Smash Melee?

Pikachu or Ness. Anybody Adam plays as. Captain Falcon; Ganondorf; Ice Climbers.

How close are you to coming up with music to AskLRR?

As close as they'll ever get.

If you were to have another mock trial, who would you defend?

It wasn't really answered, though Nero is mentioned and Stalin is defended.

Are you guys going to Kei Kon again this year?


The Pious Flea asks: Does it concern you that most gamers are in the 18-35 category?

No, because that's what they are. Why would it concern them?

Do you fear that there is a lack of new gamerlings to follow in your footsteps?

They argue that there is no lack of gamerlings: "Do you have Hanna Montana?"
"There is a lot of Pokemans going around."

AeroCmdr asks: Is anyone looking forward to the game Demigod?

Yes. It is thought that "Morgan and Bill will kill for this."

Would you let that Australian kid whose parents got fined $20,000 throw a party for you?

Yes, as long as someone else covers the bill. It sounds like he throws
pretty awesome parties.

iwashere33 asks: Do you guys get a lot of fake news or blatant game bashing like what Fox has done with Mass Effect (in Canada)?

No, not really. The only time it really happens is when Jack Thompson goes
off on one of his tirades.

How is the DVD coming?

Good. They're about to record some commentaries.

Cake asks: Are you guys famous?

Yes: as famous as you make us.

Lector asks: Happy Winter-een-mas?

That is over.

Also, what is your favorite type of noodle?

Udon (うどん), Chow Mein, Won Ton, and other stuffed noodles. Also, cheap
Ramen noodles are liked.

Andy asks: What's the difference between a "Shorts" and an "Other" category of video?

Shorts are scripted sketches, with characters. Other is usually a short

theduckthief asks: What do you think of Microsoft's bid for Yahoo?

They answer it after the bid failed, but they wouldn't have a problem if it
did happen. It isn't like they use it that often.

theINC asks: Will you ever do any more Girly Magazine Quizzes?

They're not going to say "No," but they aren't going to say "Yes," either.

Is there any way to see a GMQ that did not get hacked by some people who look suspiciously like James, Matt and Bill?

Buy the Season One DVD.

Is there a way to do that without buying the DVD?

Maybe they're on YouTube. Possibly in some alternate universe where the LRR
crew became famous for Girly Magazine Quizzes. Other options include: go to
Kei Con or go to the house of someone that has the DVD.
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