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The following is the AskLRR portion of the Road Trip Time! LRRcast.

AskLRR Answers

bar room hero asks:

  • Are any of the cast left handed?
Just Bill. They talk about how when the Romans marched, they said,"sinister, dexter" rather
than "left, right", so Bill is "sinister". Paul actually thinks that Bill is right handed
but uses his left hand just to piss everybody off, just out of spite.
  • After seeing all the game guides Matt has in the Uwe Boll vids, is he actually, secretly, shit at computer games? Why do you buy guides rather than use GameFAQs?
Matt: Well I don't think it's a "secret", really. I am terrible at video games. I love them,
I adore them, I play them pretty much nonstop, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm
atrocious at them. You will beat me at any video game you challenge me to unless I'm playing
Soul Calibur 2 in the arcade as Xianghua and you invade my conquest mode game, in which case
I will 3-hit combo seven people in a row, finish my conquest mode, and then tell you that,
"Oh you know, if you just let me finish you could've been playing this all along on your own
anyhow." That said, I don't actually buy the game guides. I work at a video game store, and
typically after about 3 or 4 months of game guides sitting on the rack, their price is
reduced to zero and the guides are then "destroyed". So I take them, but only once their
free, and with the permission of the other people I work with who shall remain nameless. For
most games I will go to GameFAQs, I will never typically spend money on a strategy guide
unless it's for a Final Fantasy game and comes with a bunch of rad art.

Number09 asks:

  • Which Star Trek series is your favourite and why? And favourite movie?
Paul: Deep Space Nine (he likes the story arc), and either Star Trek IV or First Contact.
Graham: Next Generation (although he loves Deep Space Nine).
Matt: Deep Space Nine (because of Ezri Dax), and IV or First Contact. Also Wrath of Khan.
Morgan: Next Generation or the original (depending on what mood he is in, and Captain Kirk
is his favourite captain), and either IV (has seen it more than any other movie and during
his childhood) or Wrath of Khan.
James: Next Generation (he grew up with it), and Wrath of Khan.
Jer: Next Generation (Picard is his favourite captain, and he thinks they tied it up nicely
in the last few seasons), and IV.
Bill: Next Generation (but he really likes the original series), and Wrath of Khan and First
Nathan: Deep Space Nine (good for the epic quality), but Patrick Stewart's the man, and
Wrath of Khan. Also the Next Gen finale (everyone agrees).

dark_realm asks:

  • Do Canadians play much cricket?
No, not really. In Victoria, yes, but elsewhere, no.
  • What's the price of fuel like over there?
It's around the $1 CAD per liter mark.
  • Do any of you plan to get your driver's licenses any time soon (other than Matt)?
Actually, Graham and Morgan were saying that they were going to beat each other in going
down to the DMV and actually signing up for their L test so that they have motivation to do
it (and so they can spite Matt). Jer has a wandering eye (he doesn't have 3D vision), so he
says he probably shouldn't drive.
  • If you could separate Quebec or Ontario from Canada which one would people choose?
The general consensus is Ontario. Graham says that Canadians mostly have Ottawa because
that's where most of the politicians live. Nathan says that anything east of the Rockies is
suspect (everyone agrees).
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