Elimination No. 7

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"Elimination #7" is the proper title of this article. The title is changed due to a technical limitation.

As day 7 comes to a close another two Artists will face the Creators.

Vital Statistics


Date: May 14, 2013

Appearing: Abby Howard, Katie Rice, Lexxy Douglas, Maki Naro, Monica Ray, Tavis Maiden, Graham Stark, Jerry Holkins, Mike Krahulik


Monica and Lexxy face The Creators. Monica pulls "Roller Skates" from the Wastebasket of Broken Dreams and Lexxy pulls "Dinosaurs". They are given 90 minutes to draw a comic combining both of those ideas. While Lexxy engages in banter with Mike and Jerry, Monica mostly stonewalls, refusing to answer questions and sometimes simply ignoring Mike. When asked why she chose to apply for Strip Search, Monica repeatedly replies, "You'll find out". With the Artists in the Shame Hole, Mike and Jerry parse out Monica's comic and realize her comic about a rollerblading dinosaur is actually an autobiographical story about her desire to be a cartoonist. When the artists return, they inform Monica she has been eliminated, but given that it is a representation of her dreams of cartooning, they do not destroy her strip. Lexxy returns to the house. Monica goes home after a conversation with Mike and Jerry about encouragement and candy.


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