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Vital Statisics

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Date: November 17, 2016

Category: Qwerpline

Appearing: Graham Stark, Alex Steacy, Kathleen De Vere, Brendan "Beej" Dery, Ian Horner, Ben Ulmer, Johnny Blakeborough

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Graphics: Brendan "Beej" Dery, Graham Stark, Featherweight

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Description: Non-Canon Live Qwerpline from Desert Bus 2016

Runtime: 30:59

Slogan: "It's a good town Bront."

  • "Thank you three people."

Sponsor: Confucian Lucian's Crucian Solution If you're sick of decadent complicated meals, get back to human basics with this fine slurry of saltwater fish. Confucian Lucian's Crucian Solution, builds a strong constitution.


Coming up this weekend is Therpsgiving. Nsburg's autumnal holiday halfway between American and Canadian Thanksgiving. Edith Slump joins in and the crew discusses preparation of the traditional buffturccoon. Which is a raccoon, inside a turkey, inside a plains buffalo, the three animals on the Therpston county crest.

Next week at the Nsburg convention center is Pork Con 2016. Which will feature many kinds of pork, ham and bacon, as well as the world's largest pork rind, and an exhibit on the creation of the pork rind.

Live on location

A strange object has been found in the Chumble Flood plain. While summer intern Derek was sent to report on it. However on ride over in the QWERP qwopter Richter Hammockslam decided Derek lacked the psychic fortitude to deal with the object, so he left the Qwopter on auto pilot and repelled down.

Richter examines the object while G-Money and A-Train attempt to get him to describe it. Eventually he opens it up to reveal Nsburg's famous cryptid the Dogeman, who draws him inside.

It's the Arts

In the arts, the Nsburg Prepubescent Boys' Choir (a feeder group for the Men's Primal Scream Therapy Choir) is putting on a staging of the forbidden opera Salome for their Fourth Quarter production. For the Dance of the Seven Veils, they've brought in Farmer Bumper's trained cow, who by coincidence is also named Salome.

The Nsburg Annual Fourth Quarter Craft Market is going on at the Civic Centre, between PorkCon and PorkAllergyCon. Appearing will be chainsaw carvings and jams which were seen previously at the Harvest Festival. The Nsburg Girl Scout will be offering their new bullet crafts. For special customers, the Nsburg Girl Scouts will carve the likeness of a person of your choice into marble using only AK-47s.


Derek is trapped alone in the traffic qwopter as Richter has not returned. While Graham and Alex attempt to determine how much danger he is in, Derek reveals that the helicopter sounds are being provided by a sound engineer(played by Ben Ulmer, doing his Who is? voice). They then try out other sound effects but are stymied by advertisements. Derek says that he has a new copilot, who is revealed to be the Dogeman, who has apparently absorbed Richter's piloting skills.

Business Report

Temporary business reporter Lorna Schlitzwhistle does a preview of the business report she'll give after the break.


During the "It's the Arts" segment Kathleen as Edith induces a spit take from Alex and almost gets another one from Graham.

The "It's the Arts" segment breaks the normal format with Edith answering yes instead of no, to the question of "Is there anything else going on in the arts this week Edith?" Which happens twice.

This episode introduces Edith Slump's non-canon boyfriend Brad, who is from Chuffield.

Other non-canon characters mentioned are Farmer Bumper's cow trained cow Salome and Gunther from the Nsburg Civic Centre.

The Dogeman, aka the Rubber Hound is a recurring character in the non-canon Qwerplines and Desert Bus in general. He/she/it shows up multiple times and previous appearances are referred to by the cast. However things the Dogeman has done, such as murdering Derek, killing and/or absorbing Richter, and killing and/or absorbing Derek(a second time) are generally ignored.

Matt Wiggins, Robin Rose, Andrew Ferguson and Matt Griffiths are also present on camera but do not take part in the episode.