Crapshots Season Two Episodes

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Ep. # Title Description Featuring Notes
105 Happy Bus Crapshots is back, and we know where all the hot boys are at. Alex, Graham, Jer, Kathleen, Beej The first Crapshot of the second season. The first Crapshot to feature Beej. The first Crapshot to have a title that doesn't start with "The."
106 The Chauffeur Who wants to drive themselves? Chumps, that's who. Paul, Beej
107 The Toilet Paper Always check before you sit down. James, Alex
108 The Hit Single Alex is a modern day Bieber. Alex, Graham
109 The Rainstorm You can stand under my umberella-ella-ella. Kathleen, James, Graham, Alex, Paul
110 The Check Mate "What's up followers, BishopKing here with the hot new moves!" Paul, Alex, Beej
111 The Bus Stop Your tax dollars at work. Beej, Matt
112 The Assistant Don't ask questions you don't want the answer to. Graham, Alex, James
113 The Mail Bag Always get the right tool for the job. James, Alex
114 The First Ride Get in. It'll be great. Graham, Kathleen, Beej The mountaintop sequence was shot while the crew was on vacation in Edmonton, Alberta (seen also in Hot Tub Amusement Park and Son of Hot Tub Amusement Park).
115 The Elite Hacks The best display of hacksmanship you've ever seen. Graham, James
116 The Deathblow He knows others, but they aren't as deadly. Alex, Graham
117 The Bad Matchups 1 Playing Magic isn't always so simple. James, Kathleen, Graham, Alex
118 The Selfies The plight of the modern woman. Kathleen, Alex
119 The Parasite What day did you have? You lost. Alex, Paul, Graham
120 The Dead Friend He was too beautiful to live. James, Graham, Paul
121 The Clean Office Without enforcement, it's a slippery slope. Graham, Alex, Kathleen
122 The Store Run I got EXACTLY what you asked for. Alex, Beej
123 The Luchadores Everybody's looking for love. Alex, Beej, Paul, Ashley
124 The Fortune Don't worry, I've done this two or three times before. Alex, Kathleen
125 The Infiltrator There's something about one of you... Alex, Beej, Paul
126 The Mystical Cards Trust me, I can read this perfectly. Paul, Kathleen
127 The Old Friend We used to be really close and just lost touch. Alex, Andy
128 The Mime I don't see why everyone has a problem with them... Alex, Andy
129 The Standoff How do we keep finding ourselves in these situations? Graham, Andy, Alex, Paul
130 The Weather So... do I bring an umbrella or not? Andy, Graham, Paul
131 The Andy Is this what you want? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!? Andy
132 The New Product It's everything you'd ever want, and more. Beej, Alex, Paul
133 The Film Art is a powerful thing. Beej, Alex, Kathleen, Cam, Andrew Ferguson
134 The String It's not that weird. Your thing is weirder. Alex, Graham
135 The Lunch Eat the whole thing or no desert! Beej, Alex
136 The Simulator Some players are just not okay with this. Alex
137 The Genie The service has been all downhill since Genie Con 04' Paul, Alex
138 The Bone It endless problem, me never know when party happen. Alex, Beej
139 The Puppet Paul is no mere man. Paul
140 The Shackle This is gonna take a while... James, Alex
141 The Genie Returns Can I get a refund on this genie? James, Alex
142 The Shackle 2 How does this keep happening!? James, Alex
143 The Crossroads Some men will pay any price for fame. Graham, James
144 The Box It's not as fun as cats make it seem. Kathleen, Graham, Alex, Paul
145 The Escalation Some people just have better Magic cards than you. Paul, James
146 The Creepies Harry meets a friend. Alex
147 The Lion Every girl needs a friend. Kathleen, Alex
148 The Stand It's the only thing you need, really. Kathleen, James, Alex
149 The Stand II Most times you don't even need to pay this. Kathleen, Paul
150 The Stand III When it comes down it, this is our economy. Kathleen, Graham
151 The Mailroom Packaged with care and love, it's the LRR way! Paul, James, Alex, Kathleen
152 The Flash I've read the FAQ and I don't think this works. James, Alex, Kathleen
153 The Conspiracy I think you're playing a different game than me... Alex, Paul, Kathleen
154 The Music Or... the soundtrack at any rate. Paul, Alex
155 The Music 2 Only slightly exaggerated from real life. Cam, Kathleen, Alex
156 The End of World Well that's no reason to stop innovating. Kathleen, Cam The End of the World series was shot at Jer's workplace while on set for Female Characters.
157 The End of World 2 Well that's no reason to skimp on Insurance. Kathleen, Cam
158 The End of World 3 Nothing excites marketers more than entirely new market space. Kathleen, Cam
159 The Beat We need you in surgery like NOW. Paul, Alex
160 The Shackle 3 This seemed brilliant initially. James, Alex
161 The Dragon Everyone plays differently. Alex
162 The Stream All technology have own challenges. Graham, Beej
163 The Land Well it sure as hell belongs to SOMEONE, right? Graham, Cam
164 The Newts Torg just can't handle all these amphibians... Graham, Beej
165 The Groceries But they were on saaaaale… Beej
166 The Net Look it not perfect system. Graham, Beej
167 The Call How did you even GET this number? Graham
168 Clown Professionals on closed sidewalks. Do not attempt. Alex, James
169 The Pinatas Grab a bat and let's get TO this. Alex
170 The Time Travel This was the ONLY way. Paul
171 The Walker He has chosen you, and you will be hunted. Cam, Alex
172 The Chat 1 We should screen these guests. Graham, Jason
173 The Chat 2 Still available, act quickly! Graham, Kathleen
174 The Time Travel 2 I thought we'd discussed this... Paul
175 The Cookie Politeness will be the death of us all. Alex, Cam
176 The Ball Sometimes you can't bounce back. Alex
177 The Deal Sometimes you need to bring in a neutral third party to settle your crap. Alex, Kathleen, Cam
178 The Voice Well, SOMEONE seems like they're in a good mood. Alex, Cam
179 The Plan This is what happens when Cam and Kathleen brainstorm. Cam, Kathleen, Paul, Alex
180] The Pronounciation Trust me. I'm an English major. Cam, Paul
181 The Spycam Micromanagement, with a macro lens. Kathleen, Graham, Alex
182 The Hell In the grim darkness of the mind... Graham, Kathleen
183 The Slap Trust me this will be SO worth it. James, Alex
184 The Slap 2 Fool me once... Alex, Kathleen
185 The Slap 3 Alex's cheek must be getting sore by now. Alex, Ian
186 The Judgement Sire, I really need to get a straight answer out of you this time. Alex, Johnny
187 The Magician Allo you beauties, would you like be to AMAZED!? Andy, James and 1 more
188 The Magician 2 Is your mind not encompassed by wonder? Andy, Kathleen and 1 more
189 The Magician 3 We need to maybe learn some real magic. Andy, Paul and 1 more
190 The Mascot At least her hearts in the right place. Kinda. Graham, Kathleen, Ian
191 The Courier This will never get old, as a business plan. Andy, Kathleen
192 The Gun Show Next week, let me show you my double cluck. Alex
193 The Tokens Necessity is also the mother of dumb ideas. Alex, Cam
194 The Hood We've all learned something today. Cam, Paul
195 The Terms Look, I just want to make sure we're all on the same page. Graham, Alex, Ian, Cam, Heather, Cori, Kathleen
196 The DUI Sir, I don't have time for this today. James, Beej
197 The Intervention We care about you. Broadly speaking. James, Beej, Heather, Paul
198 The Victors This explains an awful lot about history. Paul, Graham, Ian, Alex
199 The Phone I didn't enlist for this. Alex
200 The Edit Not a lot left on the cutting room floor this time. Alex, Graham
201 The Redial I'm always messing this up, sorry Alex, Cam
202 The Arsenal LoadingReadyRun, always ready for anything. Cam, Cori, Ian, Paul, Alex
203 The Faces My money's on the weird one. Cam, Cori, Ian, Alex
204 The Resolution This is what happens when everyone has Reliquary Tower. Alex, James
205 The Socket Beej makes a lot of "improvements" around the Moonbase. Beej, Paul
206 The Link We'll give James this... he's clever. Beej, Alex
207 The Orb Nobody wants this. Why would I want this? Beej, Alex
208 The Theft You gotta keep control of your intellectual property. James, Alex, Graham Big thanks to James Burton (Dewman001) for the IGAB Remix