Crapshots Ep.416 - The Shipping

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Vital Statistics

Crapshots Ep.416 - The Shipping.jpg

Date: February 3, 2017

Appearing: James Turner, Cameron Lauder


I knew I paid the premium for a good reason.


  • This episode was written and recorded on The Crapshoot.
  • The list of shipping options is as follows. Prices are most likely in Canadian dollars.
    • Regular (7-8 business days): free
    • Expedited (3-5 business days): $8.97
    • Express (1-2 business days): $14.28
    • Priority AM (tomorrow morning): $45.60
    • Same Day (end of day): $130.17
    • NOW (NOW): free for trial period
    • Causality violation (yesterday, end of day): $9000.00
    • The Mending (you've already owned it for two weeks and ordering this closes the time loop): place $1.00 in a savings account in 1993
    • Irreparable paradox (end of days): money is a societal construct
  • The LRR crew filmed several takes of James getting multiple boxes thrown at them, and several with one box. Graham went back and forth about whether to use a shot with one box or one with many boxes, until he realized that Alex had burst out laughing every time Graham had replayed the one-box shot that they ended up using.
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