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Stories on: Marvel Strike Force, Amazon Prime, Xbox, Pokemon, and Fortnite.

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Date: August 27, 2018

Written and Performed by: Graham Stark, Brendan "Beej" Dery, Paul Saunders

Story Graphics: Paul Saunders

CheckPoint Graphics: Graham Stark

Music: Bradley Rains

Produced by: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders


A span of 2 weeks is a fortnight, so I guess that means there's more news.


  • Marvel Strike Force has boldly replaced micro-transactions with normal transactions. The game is so stingy with ingame rewards it would take months of grinding to unlock some characters like Black Panther. Or if you want to do something other than play on your phone for the next trimester, you can pay $50 to get him right away.
  • The 20% Amazon Prime discount for pre-ordered games is coming to an end. Now when you pre-order a video game Amazon Prime members will get to enjoy $10 in store credit on "qualifying items". It will take up to 35 days to email the credit and it expires in 60 days.
  • Microsoft officially announced a new programme call Xbox All Access. A rent-to-own 2 year long, monthly instalment plan that gets you an Xbox One S or an Xbox One X, 2 year of Xbox Gold and Xbox Game Pass. It actually works out cheaper overall.
  • Twitch is broadcasting a marathon of the Pokemon TV series and movies. There's a lot of Pokemon: the marathon of the first 932 episodes of the TV show and all the movies will continue well into 2019.
  • On last weeks show we didn't have any Fortnite news, so here's a ton of Fortnite stories all at once:
    • Players can now thank the Bus Driver when they depart the Fortnite Battle Bus
    • The latest patch added entertainment, for when you are bored of playing Fortnite and don't want to leave the match. The Risky Reels Drive In Theatre is playing 3 minute Fortnite fan film that plays on loop.
    • Epic has worked out how to make teenagers care about information security: bribe them with emotes. If you enable 2 factor authentication on your Fortnite account, you'll get the Boogie Down dance emote.
    • In related FIFA news, so many football players have started doing Fortnite emotes after scoring goals that FIFA players are wondering if those emotes will make their way into FIFA. Matt Prior, Creative Director of the FIFA franchise, has told Eurogamer that there is "real potential for that since they try to emulate the real world as much as possible and if a player does it all the time IRL, then they'll look at adding it to the game".
    • A giant, featureless cube appeared on the Fortnite map last week.

Coming Up

If you're in the Netherlands and have have too much blood, but need another skin, Riot Games is cross-promoting with a Dutch blood service to encourage players to donate blood in exchange for a fresh character skin.

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