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Apparently, through Celestial Sea, we've made, at least, I think three or four people start playing Star Ocean. I apologize.
- Graham, during the LRRcast for Sound Wars
Myke from Celestial Sea

Celestial Sea is a series of machinima shorts posted throughout Season 2. Celestial Sea was edited using footage from the PS2 game Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time. "Celestial Sea" is a play on the title "Star Ocean."

Celestial Sea consists of seven episodes, making up Chapter 1. According to the March 15 2009 LRRcast and other comments by the crew, there will never be a second chapter of Celestial Sea.

This series introduced Gravitic Warp, which has become a recurring gag.


Celestial Sea was voiced by:

Also starring: Kelly Clark, Pat Donison, Jason Tudor, Ben Wilkinson, Travis Neilsen, Peter D'Agati and Derek Pacheco. The robotic voice is the AT&T Labs text-to-speech program.


  • Kathleen recorded her lines for Celestial Sea over Skype from her home in Vancouver.
  • The cast of Episode 2 was culled from whoever was over at Pat's place when Graham needed voices for the extras. The cast of Episode 5 was culled from the Uvic Anime Club meeting on Thursday (as this video was going to go up the next Friday).


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