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Bradley Rains' Filmography
Bradley remixed the CommodoreHUSTLE theme for the series and provided the music heard in Strip Search.


Season Eleven

EpisodeRelease Date
Ways to Get Video Ideas19 May 2014

Loading Time

EpisodeRelease Date
Loading Time - Ways to Get Video Ideas16 June 2014


Post-Weekly Updates

EpisodeRelease Date
Confidants12 August 2017

Season Eleven

EpisodeRelease Date
The LoadingReadyRumble 230 December 2014
A Little Drummer Boy22 December 2014
No Laughing Matter8 December 2014
Desert Bus Opening Titles23 November 2014
Superficial Intelligence3 November 2014
Free Candy27 October 2014
Destiny Tales5 October 2014
Fixing the Stream15 September 2014
Punchr11 August 2014
Social Anxiety Fear Factor28 July 2014
Alex's Stream30 June 2014
The Whole Story: Football23 June 2014
Doctors Hate Her16 June 2014
Design by Committee9 June 2014
Cleaning Day2 June 2014
Ways to Get Video Ideas19 May 2014
The Gatekeeper21 April 2014
Math of the Montage24 February 2014
The Whole Story: The Winter Olympics17 February 2014
Flat Out10 February 2014

Season Ten

EpisodeRelease Date
Twenty-Thirteen30 December 2013
Pokeproblem18 November 2013
The Hero We Deserve21 October 2013
The Couch15 July 2013
SPRING!13 May 2013
Frank Miller's SimCity11 March 2013

Season Nine

EpisodeRelease Date
Seth McDebit3 September 2012
GearsGear18 June 2012
How to Find Free Wifi11 June 2012
Find My Friends4 June 2012
The Whole Story: The Pop Can14 May 2012
Some Kind of Geek2 April 2012
Questionably Legal Man2 January 2012

Season Eight

EpisodeRelease Date
Santa and Me19 December 2011
Whole Story - Fire Hydrants12 September 2011
More Sleep29 August 2011
The Whole Story: Spam16 May 2011
Back It Up9 May 2011
Reality Tear7 March 2011
Discount Deities14 February 2011
Impersonal Information7 February 2011
MEN24 January 2011

Season Seven

EpisodeRelease Date
The LRR CD-ROM Game17 January 2011
Bed Buggery27 September 2010
Gary6 September 2010
Bad News9 August 2010
Informational Presentation26 April 2010
Scientist's Rebuttal to ICP19 April 2010
Who You Gonna Call?5 April 2010
Just Drive25 January 2010
The Job11 January 2010

Season Six

EpisodeRelease Date
Merry Christmas Graham Stark21 December 2009
House of the Dead26 October 2009
The Secret of the Sauce19 October 2009
Twitter Abuse14 September 2009
Save Our Games7 September 2009
'Skeeterpellant18 May 2009


EpisodeRelease Date
Kingdoms Heartened17 July 2017
Runaround Suit10 July 2017
Trash Games Everywhere3 July 2017
CLASSIC Nintendo26 June 2017
Nintendo and Chill5 June 2017
Awash With Fanfic29 May 2017
Dead Bunnies22 May 2017
A Game Full of Spiders15 May 2017
Happy Little Smite8 May 2017
Buckle Up Buckle Up1 May 2017
Player Now Known24 April 2017
Bethesda Not Woke17 April 2017
Mass Effect's Special Eyes10 April 2017
No Spoilerino Pls3 April 2017
A Beautiful Horizon27 March 2017
Dangerous Goods20 March 2017
Breadth of the Wild13 March 2017
Diplomatic Complaints6 March 2017
Switching to Mobile27 February 2017
Steam Redlight13 February 2017
Roosterwatch23 January 2017
Switch it up!16 January 2017
Spying on Stardew9 January 2017
2016 Roundup Discussion2 January 2017
Mei-ry Christmas21 December 2016
Buy Every Microtransaction12 December 2016
Sexy Ichor Mikkelsen5 December 2016
An Xbox Is Forever28 November 2016
Pigeon Sim 200017 October 2016
CS:NO News is Good News10 October 2016
The Modern Albatross3 October 2016
Still CheckPoint26 September 2016
Iron & Whine19 September 2016
Sexy Sims & Console Slims12 September 2016
Love is Real!30 August 2016
GG EZ22 August 2016
Toy Headquarters Returns!15 August 2016
Some Men's Sky8 August 2016
Words of Prey1 August 2016
Gotta Tag 'Em All25 July 2016
Counter-Strike: NO!18 July 2016
Leg Cramps, I Choose You11 July 2016
A Spectrum of Censorship4 July 2016
Oversaturated27 June 2016
An Itchy Taste of Things to Come20 June 2016
E3 2016 Press Conferences14 June 2016
Konami Hates Us6 June 2016
OverPorn30 May 2016
Mario, Minecraft, and Youtube23 May 2016
This Youtuber Life16 May 2016
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Escapist News Network

EpisodeAir Date
Rejeweled10 November 2010
Atari's Gambit19 May 2010

Friday Nights

EpisodeRelease Date
Friday Nights: Spoils of War22 June 2017
Friday Nights: Leagues Ahead25 May 2017
Friday Nights: Amon-Cats27 April 2017
Friday Nights - Brewmaster Showdown8 December 2016
Friday Nights: Inventors' Unfair29 September 2016
Friday Nights: Monarch26 August 2016
Friday Nights: Strange Brew15 July 2016
Friday Nights: Nonstandard Rotation15 April 2016
Friday Nights: Two Heads are Better15 January 2016
Friday Nights - 'Tis the Season11 December 2015
Friday Nights: Zendikar Murder Mystery16 October 2015
Friday Nights: Throwback18 September 2015
Friday Nights: The Long Road14 August 2015
Friday Nights: Archfrenemies26 June 2015
Friday Nights: Six Sides29 May 2015
Friday Nights: A Fine Rotisserie1 May 2015
Friday Nights: Here Be Dragons27 March 2015
Friday Nights: Mono-Decent6 March 2015
Friday Nights: White Loxodon Exchange23 January 2015
Friday Nights: Jeskai Mysteries7 November 2014
Friday Nights: Clanmanders2 October 2014
Friday Nights: Seven in the Queue25 August 2014
Friday Nights: Speechless16 July 2014
Friday Nights: Time Walking8 June 2014
Friday Nights: Hero's Path - The Mastery20 May 2014
Friday Nights: Hero's Path - The Refusal29 April 2014
Friday Nights: Hero's Path - The Apotheosis22 April 2014
Friday Nights: Darkness17 March 2014
Friday Nights: Hero's Path - The Ordeal26 February 2014
Friday Nights: Hero's Path - The Barrier4 February 2014
Friday Nights - The Road28 January 2014
Friday Nights: It Resolves9 January 2014
Friday Nights - A Very Friday Night5 December 2013
Friday Nights - Politics5 November 2013
Friday Nights: Hero's Path - The Trial15 October 2013
Friday Nights: Packs on Packs3 October 2013
Friday Nights: Hero's Path - The Threshold24 September 2013
Friday Nights: Hero's Path - The Calling17 September 2013
Friday Nights - Rotation5 September 2013
Friday Nights: Grand Prix Calgary15 August 2013
Friday Nights: GP Bound4 August 2013
Friday Nights: Prereleasing4 July 2013
Friday Nights: The Masters6 June 2013
Friday Nights: Guild Fight2 May 2013
Friday Nights: Grinding5 April 2013
Friday Nights: The Return15 March 2013
Friday Nights: Friday15 March 2012
Friday Nights: In Command8 March 2012
Friday Nights: Constructed1 March 2012
Friday Nights: Untap23 February 2012

Magic: The Gathering

EpisodeRelease Date
A Video Conspiracy17 May 2014


EpisodeRelease Date
Green Job13 January 2010