Brad Kirkland

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Brad Kirkland
Brad Kirkland
Brad's About Us Page Picture
Duties: Actor, Historian, Dunedain Ranger
First Appearance: Vancouver Zombie Walk 2006
Last Appearance: The Missing Toilet Paper
Twitter: @BradKirkland

Brad Kirkland is a friend of LoadingReadyRun crew who has appeared in several videos. In a T-shirt ad at the start of Smallpox Brad announced that he was temporarily bidding adieu to LoadingReadyRun so he could go to York In England to study medieval history. He is currently a PhD student working on the 14th century history of the Armourers' Company in London, the North of England University Archery League's champion longbowman, and he is practicing throwing javelins, shooting a bow, and using a lance from horseback. His chin won the 2009 Top Gun competition.

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