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Bill's Place is the term used by the crew over their many years of friendship for wherever Bill happens to be living at the time, regardless of who else also lives there. This is due to Bill's place always being the default hangout spot, and Bill being central to that.

Bill's Place v1.0 is the place Bill rented during Season 2 with Morgan, and later Ash.Previously, Bill lived in Pat's Place.

Bill's Place v2.0 refers to the second place Bill has lived during LRR's run. In 2007, Bill, Morgan and Graham lived in the same one floor house, though previously, LRR alumni Geoff Howe and Lissette Arevalo also lived there. Graham moved out in 2008 and got an apartment with Matt. Ash rented Graham's old room at Bill's Place v2.0.

Bill later moved out of Bill's Place v2.0 and lived in his own condo that was not been featured in any LoadingReadyRun video. No one involved with LoadingReadyRun still lives at Bill's Place v2.0.