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Not to be confused with Kate Stark.

Bill's Mom is the mother of Bill. While growing up, Bill's house always wound up being the place where the boys who would become the LRR crew would hang out, so her contribution to LRR history cannot be overstated.

Bill's Mom's true name was previously as mysterious as Bill's name. During Desert Bus for Hope 4, at 8:10am on Sunday, November 21, 2010, Morgan offhandedly addressed Bill's Mom as "Kate." The chat repeated this name, and a few seconds later, she asked the chat, "How does the chat know my name?", thus confirming the accuracy of this. At Desert Bus for Hope 6 it was revealed that her full first name is Catherine.

During Desert Bus for Hope 2, someone in chat called her "Mrs. Watt." Graham warned the chat, "we've been kicked out of her house for less." This led to the mistaken belief her surname wasn't Watt. She was credited as Kate Watt when she was a driver during Desert Bus for Hope 8.

She appeared in the background of The Shavening. She made her first appearance in a weekly update in Desert Bus Opening Titles.


EpisodeRelease Date
Desert Bus for Hope 20189 November 2018
Desert Bus for Hope 201717 November 2017
Desert Bus for Hope 1012 November 2016
Desert Bus for Hope 914 November 2015
Desert Bus Opening Titles23 November 2014
Desert Bus for Hope 814 November 2014
Desert Bus for Hope 716 November 2013
Desert Bus for Hope 616 November 2012
Desert Bus for Hope 419 November 2010