Bad Pick-up Lines

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"Bad Pick-up Lines" is a section of Rapidfire 2, in which Nate repeatedly tries and fails to pick up Kathleen at a bar using horribly mangled pick-up lines, seemingly becoming more and more intoxicated as the attempts continue.

Series II - Episode 1

  • "Did you fall from heaven? Because I believe in the afterlife."

Series II - Episode 2

  • "That's a nice dress. I'd like to crumple you with my floor."

Series II - Episode 3

  • "Wo-ho-ho, you blinded me with your beauty, soo...better call an ambulance."
  • "Called the ambulance yet? You will."
  • "Are those ass-pants? Because you have a nice butt."

Series II - Episode 4

  • "Excuse me, I lost my phone number, do you know it?"

Series II - Episode 5

  • "You're so hot that I'm going to need skin grafts...from the horrible burns"

Series II - Episode 6

  • "So did you invite all these people? Beause I thought maybe we could..."
  • "You know what I...I'm going to call 911, 'cause you look like an arsonist"