Ask An Alex Live - Again!

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The second in the Ask An Alex Live Series. Held on October 25th 2008 at 8pm EDT it can be found at the AAALive Stream Channel

Ask An Alex Live - Again!

In the second show it will be attempted to record the 30-45 minute session in the hope it will be edited down for a shorter AAA video to go up on Loading Ready Run.

Special Guests

His roommate Vaughn and friend Danielle.


Some of the questions asked:

Q. Would you insert your own catheter?

A. It depends on the circumstances. I wouldn't do it if it was at the end of a long day.

Q. Have you ever been to England?

A. I have actually, for a school trip. A Long school trip.

Q. Have you heard about the japanese woman who killed her husband's avatar?

A. What? *Vaughn reads out the accompanying link. Alex covers his face and looks completely dismayed* I give up on this world.

Q. What furry would you be?

A. I'm not sure what to be as a male. Female furry I would be a cat. I wish I was female. Vaughn you'd be a moose. You may not know it but I'm a male lesbian, true.

Q. Can we have a Man Cooking now please?

A. (Alex) Eventually, I still haven't seen Morgan's recent Man Cooking and what the bar has been set at. (Vaughn) I will get half a cow. (Alex) What we'd do is set the side of a hill on fire with gasoline then roll the cow down hill into a meat grinder that would make meat loaf.

Q. FT or Luna?

A. (Alex) For those who don't know last week I talked about my new robot girlfriend, FT. Couldn't we combine the two? (Vaughn) That would be Robot Jailbait. What is that? A Robophile? (Alex) *Laughs* Robo Loli.

Q. If you were in a cave for a year, when you left would you challenge Paul's manly beard?

A. No, I'd shave it off so no one would know it ever happened.

Q. Will you sing us a song or do a little dance?

A. (Alex) It depends on how long it has to be. (Vaughn) *Singing* Do a little dance. (Alex) Eat it fatty. *Starts singing Tom Lehrer - Poisoning Pigeons In The Park*

Q. What is the most strenuous exercise activity you've gone through?

A. *Pauses while smiling at the camera. Breaks down laughing with the others for a while* Masturbating to robot porn with weights on my arms.

Q. Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan?

A. (Vaughn) Bruce Lee. (Alex) Oooo. I have to give Bruce his props. JAckie Chan is the man but it's Bruce all the way. Man, I really want to watch Enter the Dragon again.

Q. Have you ever watched ReBoot?

A. I grew up on it.

Q. Hadoken or Kamehamehah?

A. (Vaughn) Hadoken. (Alex) Kamehamehah, you could destroy the planet with that.

Q. Would you ever challenge Paul and his beard to a fight with yours?

A. No.

Q. What do you think of Ask A Tank_Girl? Fan Fiction or stealing your ideas?

A. Actually, Ask An Alex I stole from Kathleen so I'm not too bothered.

Q. OK Pants or VG Cats?

A. I don't know about OK Pants.

Q. What would you do with a Time Machine?

A. What wouldn't I do. I'll leave that to your sick imaginations. I'll do a little animation in post.

Q. Gordon Freeman Vs Samus?

A. Well Samus protects space so we're safe there and Freeman saves the Earth. They have a profound peace with the other. If they were to fight it would be the end of us all.

Q. Do you want to change your long distance plan?

A. *Exasperated, head in hand* No I don't want to change my long distance plan. I'm on Skype.

Q. Would you buy a Dreamcast 2 if it was ever released?

A. Yes I would.

Q. What is the worst quote to quote while having sex?

A. Is this Chris's blood? *Cracks up with laughter* There's got to be a worse one. What about one from Metal Gear? Colonel, I'm at the insertion point.


How zombies may not be able to climb stairs on the CN Tower but might be able to use stairs. Giving a boot to their heads.

How he has been gay bashed and that he always loses at gay chicken to Vaughn.

How Freeman's suit does not protect him against bullets, radiation and how his head is vulnerable. Female Master Chief, Samus and Freeman getting it on, with suits on of course.

Notable Moments

Before the show starts the viewers all count down the time left to the start of the show. When nothing happen they start throwing quotes: I can has Internets, Mortal Kombat, Fail et al.

Alex shows how he uses the Claw (He yells while crushing in his hand) on a fortune cookie.

Alex turns from Danielle to the camera after she reads out her fortune cookie with a comical worried smile.

UStream stops some forum members watching.

Alex says how lucky he is that the camera cuts off at a certain hight to his excitement to all the talk about robots.

Alex asks the viewers to stop spamming their questions over and over, stating it sounds like they are a salesman asking: "Do you want to change your long distance plan." He says this five times in succession in an emphasised voice throwing his head from side to side. The viewers then ask all at the same time if he wants to change his long distance plan. Alex is not amused.

Fail Counts

Keeping with tradition, Alex adds up two more fail counts.

  • First Fail: Live feed recording goes to demo mode.
  • Second Fail: Forgets how to talk in one question and makes funny noises to cover it up.

At The End

Alex starts another Team Fortress 2 game.


Before the Stream Alex asks the viewers what to have for dinner. Pizza is suggested but he says that a guest they have over, Danielle, is allergic to tomatos.