AskLRR November 2019 - The Coward's Grape

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The fourth episode of AskLRR (YouTube Membership Exclusive).

Vital Statistics

Date: November 30, 2019

Category: AskLRR

Appearing: Matt Griffiths, Brendan "Beej" Dery, Adam Savidan

Board by: Paul Saunders

Produced by: Heather Dery

Description: Beej, Adam, and Matt discuss financial security, Brendan vs Beej and the most cowardly of food.


Favourite types of cake

DayBreakKing asks: What are your favorite types of cake?

  • Adam: Not really a cake person - ice cream cake.
  • Beej: Black forest cake.
  • Matt: Prefers crumble over both cake and pie.

What do you wish people enjoyed as much as you do?

EikoandMog asks: What one thing do you wish people enjoyed as much as you do?

  • Matt: The music he likes (Florence and the Machine).
  • Beej: Anime.
  • Adam: Whichever one thing he's hyper-focused on this month.

Jobs outside LRR and financial security

Bryan Appley asks too many questions: All of you have slowly increased your involvement with LRR over time. What was that transition like? How closely are each of your livelihoods tied to LRR? Was/is there a period of massive financial uncertainty for you? What did/do you do in addition to LRR for a living?

  • Beej: Used to do IT work, now is LRR's Business Manager full time. Always financial uncertainty in this economy.
  • Matt: Does extra video editing work on the side of working as a video editor part-time for LRR.
  • Adam: Was friends with LRR for a long time, started part-time streaming with LRR so as to quit a job he disliked. Now streams at home as well to make streaming a full-time job. Always financial uncertainty being Twitch is uncertain, but LRR is a reliable ~60%.

Best part of being LRR crew

Harold Price asks: What is the best part of being a part of LoadingReadyRun?

  • Matt: The friendships we forged along the way.
  • Beej: The Internet Fame.
  • Adam: Working with a variety of people, but 1-on-1 rather than as a big group.

How much control does the Business Manager have?

Mewyabby asks: Beej, as the business manager, are you planning to take a forward facing front on the state of LRR or do you leave it to Graham?

  • Graham and Paul are co-presidents of LRR, the Business Manager takes direction from them. They get on well enough to be able to discuss matters rather than Beej simply acting on orders.

New Qwerpline Actors

VTMarik asks: For the future of Qwerpline, have there been ideas about adding other members of the LRR crew to the cast, either as one-off characters or new series regulars?

  • Getting 5 people in a room at the same time is very difficult, trying to get more people together would only make that harder.

Most Cowardly Food

Daniel Huras asks: Adam, what is the most cowardly food to eat?

  • Seedless grapes.

Can LRR come to my local con?

haseo_sora asks: Beej, have you given any thought to going to another magicfest? COULD YOU PLEASE COME TO MAGICFEST RENO!? Christian Kavanagh asks: Will you be coming back to Aus next year or ever?

  • Going to cons is sponsored by the people that run them. For PAX Aus this is typically every two years, so LRR will probably be there in 2020. Going to MagicFest Reno is dependent on LRR being sponsored to go there, and on LRR having enough time to send people out there. Want LRR at your con? Go tell the organisers about LRR and why they should sponsor them to come out!

On-screen vs off-screen personalities

Farley flavors asks: As an introverted person I would like to ask what you do to create and maintain your on screen personalities?

  • On-screen personalities are just off-screen personalities but turned up a little. Keeping up a different personality would be a lot of work, so the crew tries to minimise that. There's also no point putting in the effort of a performance when you're not "on stage".

Favourite introductory meal to cook

Drummi asks: What is your favorite dish to cook for someone you haven't cooked for before?

  • Matt: A good grilled cheese.
  • Beej: Tacos.
  • Adam: Not a cooker.

How did Matt become LRR crew

Isaac Dymock asks: Matt: How did you come to know the LRR crowd, and what happened to have you join their ranks?

  • Matt discovered LRR on The Escapist, grabbed him with the start of Feed Dump. Met the flesh people of LRR through volunteering at Desert Buses since 8. Then spent a year and a half making pies and scones for the crew, before asking to join the crew as an editor. After a year of "we'll look into that", he was hired as an editor for Road Quest.

Relaxation Activites

Daniel Newhall asks: Hi friends! What do each of you do to relax at the end of a long day?

  • Adam: Plays video games.
  • Matt: Watches dog videos on the internet.
  • Beej: Catches up on Anime or TV, eats dinner and drinks tea. Also spreads memes around, including infecting Adam's Discord with memes.
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