AskLRR July 2020 - Fuzzy Foot Prisons

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The twelfth episode of AskLRR (YouTube Membership Exclusive).

Vital Statistics

Date: July 31, 2020

Category: AskLRR

Appearing: Heather Dery, Serge Yager, Kathleen De Vere

Board by: Paul Saunders

Produced by: Heather Dery

Description: You asked us questions, so Heather, Serge, and Kathleen sat down to answer them.


Going feral during CoViD

Michael M asks: Dear FRR-folkx, what is one way you've 'Gone Feral' during the pandemic? For example, a chore you now neglect, or an Adulting task you skimp on.

  • Serge: I'm not going out, which means a lot of the usual self-care that I like to do I'm also not doing. So to ground myself and find some stability, I'm probably working way more than I should be.
  • Heather: I let my laundry pile up mostly because I forget it exists, but also because I don't wear socks anymore, because I don't go outside.
  • Serge: I guess one thing that's noticeably different in our household is we're cooking more, which means there's more dishes, which means we're having more dishes related issues.
  • Heather: I gave up on keeping a healthy diet every single day. And exercising.

Start drinking black coffee

samuraitiger19 asks: For Serge: what is a good coffee to drink if you want to start drinking coffee black?

  • Serge: The most important thing to start with is if you find coffees that aren't as dark or aren't as roasty or that are deliberately sweet, you can try that. You could also try starting with smaller amounts of coffee.

Behind V in front of the camera

Daye04 asks: For Heather: This exact thing is something you're heavily involved in behind the camera. Do you delegate any of that responsibility whenever you're in front of the camera?

  • Heather: When it comes to something like this podcast where my role is producer, the stuff that I do is gathering questions and a lot of prep-work before and a lot of after stuff, so being on the camera doesn't displace any of my time when I would be doing other stuff. If this were something like Dice Friends where I was running tech while we were in the studio, someone else would have to be running the cameras. I think for the most part none of my stuff interacts in that way so I don't really have to delegate for being on a thing.

Kathleen's writing pride

Seth Hanisek asks: Kathleen: I'm a big fan of your writing. What's the first thing you can remember being proud to have written?

  • Kathleen: When I was in 8th grade, we had to write something about the Magna Carta from the point of view of the people that were there and I did a comic strip about it, but it was really dumb. Definitely I got high marks, but not necessarily for a great and deep understanding of the material, but for an inventive and colorful way of presenting it.

Streaming with partners

Michael Hutton asks: All three of you have streamed with your partners. What do you think was their funniest on-screen moment with you? What do you think they would say for yours in return?

  • Heather: We did do a stream of Super Mario Brothers 3 and I made fun of Beej a lot for cheating using the rewind feature that they put on to beat a game of memory. There was a point where he pushed one and I was like "It's that one. It has to be that one" and he didn't believe me.
  • Kathleen: I've been doing this with Graham for a long time but we haven't been on stream together in a long time. We've done some really good work together at Desert Bus, like Desert Bus 2019's Qwerpline was very good.

Remembering how to be creative

Danielle Fontaine asks: For someone who can't remember how to be creative, any advice?

  • Kathleen: I think the best way to be creative is to try doing a thing.
  • Heather: Creativity is a bit like motivation: sometimes it goes for a walk far, far away. And maybe you need to go for a walk far, far away from it. It's basically do something, anything. If you're trying to force creativity and you're not having fun with it, maybe it is time to go do something else
  • Kathleen: Maybe just sit and play around sometimes.
  • Serge: Visit what other people have done and take inspiration. There's a difference between inspiration and plagiarism. Or build what somebody else has done to learn.

Who is the most evil

Bryan Appley asks: Of the three of you, who is the most evil?

  • Heather: Do we want to do this as we try to be the most evil, or do we want to try to pitch the others as the most evil?
  • Kathleen: I think we should run down our own evil resumes. I like to think of myself as evil as in The Patrician from Discworld is evil. He's very behind-yhe-scenes, he's murderous, he's ruthless.
  • Serge: How does this tie in to you?
  • Kathleen: Because I love rules and keeping things organized, but if something were to threaten people I love and care about, I would find what was bothering them and make it not be a problem anymore. With ruthless efficiency and excellent planning skills and checklists so you know it would happen.
  • Serge: I'm trying to think of what alignment of evil I would be. Probably in the chaotic thing, it's definitely not a lawful style of evil. I think my evilness comes in the ability to say incredible stupid things with well meaning intentions to put people in uncomfortable situations and not even knowing it.
  • Kathleen: Serge, what about Snerge? We didn't even have to twist your rubber arm to get you to unleash that?
  • Heather: So more like a Jekyll and Hyde?
  • Serge: Alright, we can roll with this. So there are 2 Serges. There's the public facing Serge and the secret Serge who comes out after dark.
  • Heather: As we know, I'd never be caught doing anything evil. But I keep tallies and lists, and I definitely know the way to scooch other people into doing ... I don't know. If I'm going to be evil, it's going to be though scheming and manipulation, not getting your hands dirty. That's just how you get taken out as a villain.
  • Serge: OK, so we've all pitched what kind of evil we are, who's the most evil? How do we evaluate those, because there are 3 distinct kinds of evil here.
  • Heather: I don't think we, ourselves, should answer that. I think we should make people comment in the comments section below.
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