AskLRR February 2020 - The Good Place

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The seventh episode of AskLRR (YouTube Membership Exclusive).

Vital Statistics

Date: February 28, 2020

Category: AskLRR

Appearing: Serge Yager, Brendan "Beej" Dery, James Turner

Board by: Paul Saunders

Produced by: Heather Dery

Description: Beej, James & Serge chat about window coverings, coffee and how excited two of us are for Animal Crossing. And don't worry. They notice the background not being right... eventually.


Re-driving the Hell Road in Saabine

samuraitiger19 asks: If you were offered a hundred bucks, would you guys drive down the hell road gain in Saabine?

  • Beej: Agrees with James.
  • James: Yes, if I was instantly teleported there and instantly teleported back.

Blinds v Curtains

MrTwansel asks: James, what's the difference between blinds and window coverings? And why was it so important for your character to differentiate between the two in that one Friday Nights Christmas episode like six years ago?

  • James: The difference between blinds and window coverings is that blinds general refer to something like a Venetian blind or Vertical blind, where are window coverings cover everything that could go on a window that covers it. As to why it was so important: That's because that's how it was written, so blame Graham or Kathleen.

2020 Games

Hyst Cinnell asks: What games have you guys been playing this year? Or looking forward to the release of?

  • Serge: I got really stoked for a game called Stoneshard .
  • Beej: If we ignore all the mobile games I've been playing (Fire Emblem: Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Magic: Puzzle Quest), I picked up Bloodstained finally. I'm looking forward to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. But I'm also looking forward to Hollow Knight: Silksong.
  • James: I've been playing my staples: (MTG) Arena, Minecraft and PUBG. The one game I am looking forward to is Animal Crossing. And Magic Legends.

Ending Television Shows

mowdownjoe asks: It feels like a golden era of television is coming to an end. Pick a show that ended in the past year. What are your thoughts on its finale?

  • Serge: I don't watch TV.
  • Beej: Agrees with James.
  • James: The Good Place. One of the best finales I've ever seen.

No Serge without Coffee Talk

Daniel Harus asks: Serge: how do you make the jump to a coffee connoisseur? I've been drinking black for a while to experience the flavours, but what is the next step?

  • Serge: I don't believe that, in any fandom, there is the "only" way you can enjoy something. Find and enjoy the thing you like.

Character niches

Bryan Appley asks: Which one of you has the most defined character niche(s) in the LRR ecosystem? Do you value the idea of having defined niches or find it limiting?

  • Serge: Me, the cinnamon roll and coffee.
  • Beej: I'm the rubber-face, I can adapt to almost any roll.
  • James: I'm generally the authority figure.

Media Consumption

frumbert asks: What are your top podcasts / youtube channels / twitch streamers?

Outdoor Activities

Kenny Connor asks: You all seem to spend a lot of time indoors (like myself). What's your favorite outdoor activity?

  • Serge: I used to, before LRR, but the weekends are our big film day. I love to ski.
  • Beej: My favorite outdoor activity is getting back inside.
  • James: Golf. I walk to work. Generally take the dog to the park on Sundays.

Victoria's Hidden Gems

Michael M asks: BeeJameSerge, what is your favourite 'hidden gem' / underappreciated locale in Victoria?

  • Serge: IO Eat, it's a small Indonesian restaurant.
  • Beej: Sushi Plus
  • James: Describes a place but doesn't name it
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