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Ashton Cummings is a friend of LoadingReadyRun who designed the back-end system for Desert Bus for Hope 4, 5, 6 and 7. His rivalry with fellow Desert Bus tech support and longtime chat mod Kroze has lead to the "Team Kroze/Team Ashton" distinction (similar to Twilight fandom's "Team Edward/Team Jacob" rivalry).

He has not yet appeared in a weekly update. He appears briefly in the Loading Time for Assassin Creeds. He is the central character "Daddy Ashton" in the Desert Bus Craft-a-Long explanation video for Desert Bus 6.


EpisodeRelease Date
Desert Bus for Hope 201717 November 2017
Desert Bus for Hope 1012 November 2016
Desert Bus for Hope 914 November 2015
Crapshots Ep.217 - The Fog10 February 2015
Desert Bus Opening Titles23 November 2014
Desert Bus for Hope 814 November 2014
The Desert Bus Rap25 November 2013
Desert Bus for Hope 716 November 2013
Loading Time - PlaceholderURL25 June 2013
Comfortably Uncomfortable12 December 2012
Desert Power26 November 2012
Desert Bus for Hope 616 November 2012


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