Andy: Esq.

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Introducing Andrew Cownden, Multi-talented wonderboy

Vital Statistics

Andy: Esq.

Date: February 27, 2004

Category: Other

Appearing: Andrew Cownden

Camera: Graham Stark

Writing: Andrew Cownden

Music: Andrew Cownden

Editing: Graham Stark

Location: Oak Bay Theater


Andy sings a song he wrote proclaiming the true name of the man with the nickname 'Bob' as his real name is far too long.

Behind the Scenes

"This is the very first song I ever wrote. Most of the lyrics were written on a Boston Pizza napkin as I shouted across the table, 'I need more names!'. I think Graham and Morgan were there at the time." - Andy


  • This is Andy's first LoadingReadyRun appearance.
  • Andy never played through the whole thing. Thanks to the magic of editing it looks like one take.
  • As with many videos from season one, LoadingReadyRun took this video down during the early seasons to make space on the server for newer videos. However, a lot of these videos were stored on the Wayback Machine, and as such, have been combined into a RAR archive by Fugiman, which can be found on this forum thread
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