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Alja-Markir is likely one of two things:

1. Mildly delusional.
2. A time-traveling demi-god.

The LRR community has not reached a consensus on which is the more likely scenario, or even if the two scenarios are mutually exclusive.

Alja-Markir is purportedly male, aged between early twenties and late thirties, and is notable for his unusual behaviorisms and logolepsic writing style. Known commonly as "Alja", he is a controversial figure within the LRR community for a myriad of reasons.

Although he has supplied many varied accounts of his purported fantastic exploits, little to no verifiable evidence exists to support any of his claims. Alja himself has openly admitted this fact, claiming that it is an unfortunate condition of his situation as both time traveler and minor deity that he is prohibited from interfering with humanity as a whole on any significant scale, paradoxically resulting in an inability to provide concrete proof of any sort. The nature of this supposed prohibition, its enforcement, and those enacting it remains vague.