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A (so far) one off Ask An Alex Special held by Alex Steacy on October 18th 2008 at 8:33pm EDT from his bedroom in Toronto.

Start of AAA Live

At the 5th Year Anniversary Screening of Loading Ready Run there was to be a live stream, for those who could not make the event at the Eric Martin Pavilion. LRR Crew Member James posted an hour before that the UStream could not be done as there were no available Internets.

Alex, who was also going to watch the stream as he could not attend the screening, had planned to do an AAA Live previously. When he saw James' post he replied saying he would stream an AAA Live.

He was surprised by how quickly the viewers racked up. Alex drew live caption drawings to illustrate some ideas.

Special Guests

His roommate, Vaughn.


Some of the questions asked:

Q. Can you do a barrel roll?

A. *Spins around on his chair*

Q. How fast can you spin on your chair?

A. *Tries and becomes ill*

Q. What is your Favourite Military Jet?

A. The Warthog (A-10 Thunderbolt II), because if it uses its chain gun for more than two seconds it stalls the plane. It can also fly with one wing and engine missing.

Q. What about the Komet?

A. Never heard of it.

Q. Where have you been?

A. Personal things got in the way.

Q. How is your site update going?

A. Good.

Q. Can you see yourself in the stream?

A. Yes, I can see myself in a preview.

Q. What are you playing now?

A. *Holds up Orange Box*

Q. If you were a superhero what would your powers be?

A. Teleportation.

Q. Do you like marmite?

A. No, but Rebecca loves it.

Q. You went out with Ash?

A. Yes.

Q. THE Ash?

A. Yes, after Graham did.

Q. What is your favourite LRR video?

A. That's a tough one, they are all really good.

Q. What about Skeletor's Dick?

A. I enjoyed that one a lot.

Q. Can you call Graham?

A. I tried but there is nothing.

Q. What is on your ceiling?

A. (Alex) *Looking up* Ahhh. (Vaughn) A light.

Q. What is the worst porno you've seen?

A. Where this hot woman comes into a room and farts on a cake. That's it she just farts on it, then puts her ass in to it and farts again. That's all she does. Do people really go for this?

Q. Would you marry two of the viewers?

A. *Gets tape and puts it around his neck.* Who wants to get married then?

Q. Have you seen Space Precinct?

A. No.

Q. Have you ever played Dungeon Keeper?

A. (Vaughn) I have.

Q. Have you heard of Foamy the Squirrel?

A. (Vaughn) Yes.

Q. How do you stave off boredom at work?

A. I don't need to.

Q. What's that green thing on your shelf?

A. What, this? *Moves aside and uses his preview stream moves his finger to point at it without turning round.*

Q. McCain or Obama?

A. I prefer Obama.

Q. What is your favourite robot?

A. FT (Female Type).

Q. What did you think of the 30 minute cutscene in Metal Gear Solid 4?

A. Excessive. I'm not too fond on the eco-storyline plot.

Q. Will Metal Gears become a reality?

A. I doubt it, we don't have the ability for bipedal tanks yet.

Q. Have you seen the trailer of Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy

A. No. *Watches the second trailer provided on the link*

Q. Shall we play rock, paper, scissors?

A. I don't think it will work unless we have audio from all. But I would just pick dynamite all the time.

Q. What is the relevance of the number 42?

A. Didn't I answer that in episode 2?

Q. Would you Dragon Kick Dakota Fanning?

A. Definitely.

Q. What would you collide in the Large Hadron Collider?

A. What wouldn't I collide.

Q. Do you like the Beatles?

A. (Alex) They're okay. (Vaughn) Yellow submarine.

Q. Would you run for office?

A. I might do, but I think my policies might let me down.

Q. How big is your can?

A. This big. *Holds it next to his head, then puts it down*. It's this big *Holds his hands a certain distance apart to show its diameter*.

Q. How long will you carry on with AAA Live?

A. As long as you want.

Q. Forever?

A. *Laughs*

Q. Will LRR be doing another road trip? Maybe around Canada and they could pick you up.

A. Maybe. I'd like to do it.

Q. Are you taking part in this year’s Desert Bus?

A. I'd like to do at least one shift.

Q. How do you feel that you've only made three fails in AAA Live?

A. Only three? That's awesome.

Q. Would you like to be in Loading Ready Rumble?

A. I would love to be in Loading Ready Rumble.

Q. How much PSI does your girlfriend suck at?

A. *Laughs*

Q. How do you think the Screening is going?

A. It would be nice to know.

Q. Do you know anything about Season 6?

A. (Alex)No, I don't know anything. (Elomin Sha) I know what's in Season 6. (Alex) Oh cool. What do you know? (Elomin Sha) Rest of Rapidfire Series 2. (Alex) ...

Q. What do you think of the Internet?

A. Right now, it's one of those things I just wish would burn to the ground.


Topics included:

How to make a nickname in UStream with /nick.

The origin of his hat, the ring through the hat's shade and the uselessness of poser raver goggles which cost more than just buying actual welding goggles.

His new manly beard, and how it will never be as good as Paul's, and mentions his Hockey hair.

Mentions his new laptop and how he will get some new games to play like F.E.A.R. series and Mirror's Edge.

Bad films - Alien Vs Predator: Requiem, Spacetruckers. To which Alex drew one of the square pigs from Space Truckers and talked about how AVP2 was a hunting film in red neck terms. He says the best part of the film is when the teen love interest gets killed in the school by the Predator's "pinwheel of death".

How Alex almost saw Morgan's balls, when informed about Pat seeing them he gave his condolences.

Age of consent regarding Luna Lovegood in different countries and how Alex is going to kidnap her later on.

Alex's new girlfriend, a female robot.

Alex's new dark desires with the building next door, and films it despite no one being there.

What torrent sites he uses.

Earthworm Jim and playing New Junk City song.

Making a Man Cooking 5, Vaughn says he will get half a cow. For the rest of the night Alex is asked to do a live Man Cooking (when he is taking everyone on tour of his home everyone pleads for it). He thinks about a Pot Noodle Man Cooking and an Iron Stomach Challenge.

Bigamy and the most wives belong to one Mormon, this was found out to be 70 later on.

How Little Big Planet has been delayed much to Alex's and Vaughn's displeasure due to two verses from the Qur'an being in the game's music. How Sony will make money off user generated content with nothing going to the ones who make it.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Eco-story and how the story was excesive.

During the tour of his home Alex and Vaughn mention how they have one PS3 and briefly go over 3 PS3's and how Paul had so much negative comments.

Smeeeeeee Heeeeeee

Turning AAA Live into Ask An Alex for Hope.

Alex talks about Rebecca, shows a photo of her.

How he used to go out with Ash of LRR fame..

Shows some other photos, his favourite suicide girls and a cosplayer as Asuka Langley Soryu.

About two cases of people dying under Scientology Care. Alex draws Lisa McPhearson being eaten by cockroaches when he hears about that. Alex and a few others pleads to Elomin Sha for no pictures to be shown of one man under scientologist care who died in his bath tub by scalding hot water.

Alex talks about his favourite secret weapon, a tomahawk-like missile that dumps radioactive fallout from its exhaust over its flight path then drops hydrogen bombs on its target.

Alex talks about some comics (Blame, Noise) and some web comics (Sam & Fuzzy, Heart Shaped Skull). Talks about the weirdest Manga power, a nipple that shoots lasers.

Notable Moments

Alex combines his goggles with his beard for an interesting new look.

Vaughn shows his injured hand.

Draws an afro on a sheet of paper and tries it as a new hair style.

Alex sings along to Oingo Boingo - Little Girls.

Alex gives a guided tour of his room and home. Wants to go on the balcony but it is locked.

LRR Forum member Tensen01 made some sketches of Alex, when asked what superpowers he would have Tensen01 said it gave him an idea for a drawing of Alex with those powers. Another drawing has now become Alex's new Avatar. Alex by Tensen01. Tensen01 also gave the viewers a sneak peak of a new LRR picture.

Alex sat open mouthed for two minutes in disbelief watching Batman and Robin meeting Santa Claus on the side of a building.
Alex's reaction to Batman and Robin meeting Santa Claus

Alex left to go to the local store to get a drink leaving viewers with a two song musical interlude.

While Alex goes out to buy a drink, viewers prepare to joke about someone walking across the screen to his wardrobe while he was away.

To cover their scheme several lines of random letters were used to fill the chat window. He doesn't buy it.

It is commented that Ask An Alex can be rearranged as "Ask Anal Ex". Anal is censored and this leads to Alex and the viewers trying to find words that aren't censored by UStream.

Small argument about how many viewers there are due to under the video there is 27 and the chat box says 28 (which includes Alex). At one point the 26 (viewers) was posted Alex took this was a guess at his age. "How do you know these things?"

Alex threatens to stop the stream when it is suggested that everyone should write in lime green.

Half the viewers write in white text.

Alex is roasted about why he moved next to a kindergarten all night. He laughs at kkief02's film prequel suggestion for him: 'Lolita: Now She's Even Younger'.

Alex is confused by Phailanite and it's relationship to Paul's beard.

Every time Alex went off screen viewers wrote: "Oh he's gone/again." When Alex came back in shot: "Oh he's back again." Alex believed they were having Streaming troubles.

kkief02 and Elomin Sha scuffle over the use of blue text. kkief02 wants to be the only one to use one particular blue. Other blue is used despite there being no difference.

When asked if he would marry any of the viewers Alex puts tape around his next to become a parishioner. Master Gunner wanted to be married as did two others but Alex only kept the offer open for a few seconds. In the end all 27 viewers (25 males, 2 females) became his husbands and wives.

Alex shows off his various sound effects and screams, including Yakety Sax song sung with the word Bagel. He also mentions how hard it is to get white noise.

Alex himself appears to lag while copying one of his sound files.

Alex shows the posters that hang above his wardrobe.

Alex shows how big his drinks can is without a ruler or other method of defining measurement ratio. One viewer writes 'That doesn't really help".

Trying to define what Syzygy is. How to spell carcinogenic after Elomin Sha mentions cooking and eating half a pizza with the styrofoam base still attached to it. Believing in the fable that heated styrofoam releases carcinogenic gases.

Various viewers manage to pause Alex in live recording.

Alex showed his glow in the dark Smorkin' Labbit.

Alex laughs at the Team Fortress 2 Blog update.

Alex leaves the viewers for a while to bathe in Team Fortress 2 sound files.

Alex shows his favourite suicide girls photos and his "emo years" photos.

Alex becomes Star Wars Kid using his red lightsaber. The viewers watch in awe.

Special Fail Counts

In keeping with tradition Alex acquired 3 fails all of which involve him trying to show the viewers around his apartment and cutting the live video feed and at some points only having sound. Alex is happy with the fails.

At the End

Alex signed off at 11:50pm EDT after three and a half hours to play Team Fortress 2 with some viewers. An AAA Live Ribbon was created by Alex I Watched AAA Live

Whose Night Alex Saved

The people he pulled out of disapointment and thank him whole heartedly:







Elomin Sha

Evil Jim





King Kool



Master Gunner






the amativeness (Unable to chat due to school router firewall)