A Part of Our Heritage

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Our 2007 Canada Day special. If you are not Canadian and you don't get it, don't worry, it's not for you.

Vital Statistics

A Part of Our Heritage

Date: June 29, 2007

Category: Other

Appearing: Paul Saunders, Graham Stark, Bill Watt, Matt Wiggins, James Turner, Morgan vanHumbeck and Ben Wilkinson

Writing: Paul Saunders and Graham Stark

Shooting: Unknown

Editing: Graham Stark

Locations: UVic Clearihue and Elliott Buildings, Bill's Place v2.0, Graham's Parents' House


In 1991, Heritage Minutes were created to combat the growing ignorance of Canadian children about their history by capturing their short attention spans and utilizing their love of television. Thanks to Canadian content rules, Canadian Heritage Minutes have become a part of our heritage.


  • This video was heavily researched. The Historica Foundation, responsible for creating the Heritage Minutes, actually had very little information on them, so most of the facts came from Wikipedia.
    • The name of the Minutes' creator and the CRT ruling about their counting as 90 seconds of Canadian content were the only actual facts. Everything else was filthy lies.
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